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Latin’s are proud of their heritage and language. Today’s audiences are more sophisticated than ever, they respond to programming directed specifically for them. Traditional attempts to serve this market have revolved around dubbing content that was created for an English speaking audience. Our objective is to capitalize on this growing niche and expand product markets by creating Spanish language long and short form programming, especially for Latin audiences, as well as adapting existing programming to target US Hispanic and International Latin American markets.


There are 47 million Americans of Hispanic origin, the largest Latino population in the world outside of Mexico.

Hispanics control more disposable income than any other minority group in the United States; their median age is nine years younger than the National Average.

The median household income of Hispanics in the US is $ 51,000.00 today, and continues to rise.

Hispanics spend more than non-Hispanics on groceries, telephone services, clothing and gas and own more expensive homes by median price.

Businesses, eager to sell to Hispanic consumers, are catering to Hispanic tastes and needs as well as donating money to charities important to the Hispanic community.


23 countries claim Spanish as their official language.

There are over 450 million Hispanics, worldwide.

Latin America as a region ranks 4th in the world in total advertising spending with an estimated $31 billion in 2010 (

Latin America is one of the world’s fastest growing advertising markets with an estimated 7.0% growth in 2010, double the world average of 3.5% (

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese.