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Whether it’s a long-form infomercial, a short-form spot, or a full campaign, LD3 will guide you through the process to get your product generating sales. Our creative team will deliver excellent production value and effective content to make.


The most effective way to target Hispanics is to produce programming in their language. Audiences are more likely to watch and respond to a program that is produced in Spanish than one that was originally produced in English and later dubbed.


This approach takes advantage of existing programming already dubbed into Spanish and adds wrap-arounds, bookends, stand-ups or additional segments with a Spanish-speaking hosts and testimonials. This additional material is edited into the dubbed program to make a hybrid show. This option is more cost effective than shooting an entire Spanish language long form infomercial.


Dubbing is the fastest and least expensive way to get your product into the Latin marketplace. But great pitch can get lost in translation. LD3 not only translates your text; we adapt the script and dig deep into the nuances of the pitch, the concept, and the offer to make sure we convey the exact message you are presenting. All our work is presented in a neutral Spanish that works for all territories.

We also create English or/and Spanish versions of collateral material such as DVDs, books, pamphlets, retail boxes, websites and more.